February 15, 2023 1 min read

Coffea arabica known as arabica is considered to have a higher cup quality than Coffea canephora, known as robusta coffee


These two different beans grown commercially are ARABICA AND ROBUSTA.  They are the same in that when harvested, roasted, and eventually brewed to become the magical ingredient that we call coffee.

Arabica and Robusta differ when it comes to taste, growing environments, price, and quality.

In writing about Arabica coffee, nearly all the coffee in the New World is born from a very slender genetic foundation from just a few beans and two varieties-‘Typica’ and ‘Bourbon’. Arabica coffee originated in coffee’s original home in the highlands of Ethiopia. Commercial arabica varieties grown today are the results of cross-pollinating these two varieties and natural mutation. Arabica is the world's most popular coffee type, equating to over 60% of all coffee exported. Arabica, the quality beans that are turned into “speciality”

Robusta Coffee is what the speciality industry calls “commodity coffee” originates from Cote d’Ivvoire and the Central African Republics which climates are warmer and wetter. Soluble (instant) coffee is made largely from Robusta Coffee. Robusta production is likely to increase as global warming makes more land satisfactory for the hardier variety and unfriendly for Arabica.

If you had to choose between an Arabica bean and a Robusta bean :

  • Robusta has more caffeine
  • Arabica has almost twice the amount of sugar
  • Robusta has less acidity
  • Arabica has more lipids

Earthen speciality Coffea arabica known as arabica coffees are delicious, prized and definitely worth it for you to enjoy.


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