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Father's Day Roaster's Reserve Gift


Exclusive & Available Now !

Included: Uganda Sipi Falls RFA 1KG & Ethiopian Harrar 250gr Coffee

 Beans / Ground .

Back by popular demand -

Small Lot Single Origin Ethiopia Harrar.

Of all the coffee producing countries, Ethiopia is perhaps the most compelling. Harrar is one of a kind. A Fruity floral-toned acidity, bright in the cup and intense. Tasting notes that is rich, pungent and winey. A heady aroma that is wonderfully reminiscent of blueberries. It is bold and smooth with a complexity of earth and chocolate with a lingering finish.
One of the worlds best coffee !

Paired with a....

1KG Uganda RFA Sipi Falls single origin.

100% Organic Arabica Rain Forest Alliance Certified coffee.

A full bodied coffee, medium to dark roast.
Washed Processed
Earthen Uganda RFA is bold with intense body and bright delicate acidity. Excellently balanced and caramel sweet. 
Boasting walnut flavors with a dark chocolate as an espresso with a 
smooth finish and a brightness that make you think you brewed this 
coffee with the mineral heavy water of the Sipi.