Wholesale Roasted Coffee Suppliers

Earthen Roasters is a specialty roaster, relentlessly seeking the best certified coffee on the market. With a focus on offering exceptional coffee. Our marketing philosophy is to offer products that boast quality and value.

Coffee beans and/or ground coffee supplied in 1kg or 250gr valved , foiled lined and heat sealed coffee bags with a roast batch and best before date. Packaged in boxes, sealed by branded paper gum tape and delivered nationwide.

Optional ground filter coffee supplied in pre weighed 80gr unvalved silver foiled sachets for the convenience of the filter coffee machine user. The benefit being saving on wastage and aiding in ease of use for the operator

  • Trust, truth and transparency.
  • We roast on order thereby ensuring that you receive your coffee freshly roasted on time delivered to your door.
  • We cup taste our coffee for consistency and run required quality checks daily.
  • We source and select only carefully selected certified Arabica coffee beans .
  • We adhere to strict health and safety guidelines in our factory.
  • We continue to invest in modern technology to ensure the delivery of quality products.
  • Our coffee’s are destoned thereby offering improved quality, peace of mind, and protection of your valuable equipment.
  • With an essential and single minded core focus we roast daily and supply fresh coffee to the retail and wholesale market.
  • A proudly South African SME.

You are invited to join Earthen proudly a South African Company where wholesale partners are like Family.

We welcome you to a coffee near me supplier experience coupled to a seamless ordering process for nationwide delivery to your door.

The best types of coffee grown and harvested by farmers near the equators of the world are selected and roasted in-house by perfectionists on “Kairos” our loved and cherished Joper drum coffee roaster.

Our destoner offers a further step in the roasting process providing improved quality, protection and peace of mind for your valuable coffee grinder and coffee machines.

Enjoy the benefits of coffee, roasted fresh for you to enjoy in whether in a cappuccino, latte, espresso, filter, pour over, black or decaf in the comfort of your environment.
Flexible packaging is available including sachets for portioned ground filter coffee  thereby minimizing wastage and ease of use.

Contact us today and support local and save the planet in our drive to utilize biodegradable and compostable products where possible.

We supply only the highest quality coffee beans from around the world. Our customers deserve the best and we are obsessed with developing and producing the perfect coffee. We carefully hand select the best coffee beans and deliver products that provide excellent enjoyment in every cup.

Your time is precious and should you require we can provide you with a premium coffee supply based on your unique requirements. Delivery to your door is coupled to an efficient ordering system that facilitates a seamless ordering process.

Roasted fresh in micro lots and packaged by bag or in bulk.

We offer pricing that offer you savings, products that are exceptional, affordable and combined with unparalleled personalized friendly service.

Whether you are a small business, restaurant, hotel, caterer, espresso/coffee bar that requires the finest and freshest coffee available in the market contact us for fresh hand roasted coffee.

For fast, efficient service and to know more about what we have to offer please email us on assistance@earthen.co.za


Contract Roasting

By partnering with local suppliers we are able to offer fast turn around times on delivery and packaging requirements.

Our mission is to hand roast the finest artisan roasted coffee possible and see you succeed. That means fresh coffee brewed perfectly.

The best coffee is about the ‘a-ha’ moment and when you form a relationship with Earthen you provide that moment.

Our approach helps us to keep our overheads down so you can get the very latest in coffee technology and premium fresh roasted coffee blends that are affordable to your organization.

We look forward to hearing more about your business and the opportunity to work with you.

Should there be a specific coffee roasting requirement ie. RFA , Organic , Single Origin– we are in a position to work with you in finding a solution to your client’s needs.