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Japanese Cold Brew 250ml Concentrate Bottle


For the perfect coffee, no one does it like Earthen and Japanese technology.
To prove it Earthen sourced an original Oji Dripper machine made by Artisan hands from Japan.

 The Oji Dripper is the original cold water brew device handmade in Japan. The company that manufactures these devices meticulously crafts each one. Out of every 25 pieces of hand blown glass, only 10 will pass the stringent requirements to be stamped as an Oji.

The original Oji water dripper has a glass globe at the upper part, it looks like an aristocrat science project. Air bubbles and sound…………A full scale slow drip cold water coffee extraction for everyone. 3 litres of freshly filtered water very slowly drips from the top glass globe onto 300 grams of freshly ground coffee, at 40 drips per minute. The grounds are gently extracted and soak for the full cycle. The slow dripper adjustable nozzles measure out water perfectly, and with every drop that falls onto infused grounds of coffee a corresponding drop travels on its way on a voyage through brass tubes and hand blown glass into a waiting vessel.

It takes 12 hours to brew one full batch of original cold brew coffee that is non-acidic, soft, smooth, flavourful and desert like in taste with no bitterness and tannin.

Serving suggestion : Cut with milk and served over ice.