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Gater V60 Clear Pour-Over Coffee Dripper

The V60 pour over gives you a beautiful delicate brew with high clarity of flavour and good body. You can adjust the coffee strength by controlling the rate of extraction through how fast or slow the water is poured through the V60. 

Main Features:

  • Delivers optimum and uniform flavour extraction
  • The ridges allow different channels of flow, allows air to escape and the middle hole and 60deg angle all perfectly designed to compliment your cup.
  • Pour-over brewing method allows you to brew the coffee directly into the cup or server.
  • Hands-on brewing allows you, the user, to control brewing time and temperature.

Choose one of these together with some paper filters and begin your brewing journey with us today !

 Quick Brew Method:
-Insert filter paper into cone and place on top of your cup.
-Pour hot water over filter paper to wet and then discard water in cup.
PER CUP: Add +-10g ground coffee into cone over filter paper.
Slowly pour 200ml (1 cup) hot water over the coffee, saturating all the grounds.
(for more detailed approach please refer to our brewing guides )
Remove cone with filter, stir & enjoy!

V60 Pour Over Grind Guide:
Adjust your grind to achieve a constant water flow through the dripper and let the water flow completely through under 4min.

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