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el Toro Colombia - Roaster's Reserve Small Lot

Origin: Colombia Excelso EP

Varietal Caturra and Typica
Process: washed and sundried
Altitude: 1500-1900 m.a.s.l 
Harvest period: September – December

Cup Profile:

Well-rounded with good body and medium acidity. Flavour of citrus complimented with notes of malt and chocolate. Clean and a sweet after-taste.

Carefully selected,  grown and produced by small holder Farmers from Medellin, Armenia and Manizales regions



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jan Du Plessis
Best roasts I've ever had

"My fiancée and I stocked up on our favorite Earthen coffee for our trip to Iceland. As a filmmaker, traveling is a great part of my journey. On the road when I find a great spot to set up a timelapse, as a ritual, I brew up my moka pot while I take in the scenery. I have been spoiled on this trip with some of the best roasts I've ever had. I took this photograph in Vik, Iceland to show my support for my favorite roastery. Because really, they are super underrated!"

Prodigiously Complex

These beans have a wonderful depth, and produce a wealth of flavour depending on how it is brewed.

Chocolate and Orange / Fruit are the prominant flavours.

As a cuppacino, it has a pleasant, light and fruity flavour. It is unlike a conventional "coffee" taste.

As an americano, it has a powerful initial hit with a sweet and acidic aftertaste. Interestingly, the smell is quite different to the taste.

These beans are ideal for someone looking for a more complex and nuanced cup of coffee.

Anton de Vos
El Toro

Very well balanced, FROM A SINGLE ORIGIN ROAST MASTER. I enjoyed the chocolate notes. You should definitely try it as a black coffee. I had a double espresso.