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About Us

A freelancer and coffee enthusiast, both weary of the double cream spiced cappuccino’s and watered down latte’s, decided to open a coffee roastery for those who were yearning for the quality and taste of freshly roasted hand-selected coffee.
Using their first drum roaster, they made the vow:

“We will only sell coffee of freshly roasted beans straight out the roaster to our customers, so they may enjoy fresh coffee with optimum flavours."
“We only use the finest beans, sourced responsibly, and never stop growing our knowledge base”

They moved far away into a tiny town called Bathurst to get in touch with the earth and coffee, to learn the art of roasting with complete dedication.
Spending time on the beaches of the eastern coastline, that brings clarity to the rushed mind of an ex 'city' man, the company was proudly born.
The owner named the company Earthen, taking into consideration the earth and all its occupants, and began the new journey of a brand defining class and distinction.

Our network 5 years later has grown to a successful online and local roastery that provides fresh optimum coffee right to your door, thanks to the continued support of many local customers.
We still micro hand roast, seal our coffee in quality earthen bags, and supply to our customers fresh beans after a roast.
Today I am proud to say that we sell roasted coffee (ground or whole bean) locally and to institutional business (hotels, restaurants, hospitals), and work daily to improve our quality standards.

We make amazing coffee, roast exceptionally well, clean up after and around where ever Earthen goes, take the earth and atmosphere into consideration at all times, 
feed the birds daily, water the plants, pick up the papers scattered, teach the young and support the old.