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Brewing Guide

Syphon Brew -
Using a hario syphon

Before you start ensure that you tie your cloth filter over and around the metal filter by pulling the strings tight. Make sure the filter is centred, avoiding too many ruffles around the edges.

  1. Preheat your filter in hot water for 3min.
  2. Carefully place the soaked filter into the top glass ball/hopper, and let the chain hang through and down the tube. Pull the chain gently down and attach using the set hook unto the bottom rim.
  3. Fill your bottom bulb with 280ml of boiling water.
  4. Place the hopper securely with the filter in place into the lower glass globe.
  5. Measure out 20-25gr of medium to fine ground coffee. Place the ground coffee into the hopper, lightly level out by gently wiggling the hopper and close with the lid.
  6. Place the heat source (gas burner) under the lower bulb, and turn the burner to high. As the water begin to rise adjust the burner to as low as you can go without water falling back to the bottom globe.
  7. Enjoy the beauty as the water ascends through the ground coffee until the coffee is totally submerged in the top glass ball and let this soak for 2min.
    (due to science a tiny amount of water will stay behind in the globe)
  8. Gently stir the coffee with a stirring paddle or spoon. Briskly remove from the heat source.
  9. This will create a rapid change in temperature & vapour pressure, causing the coffee to be drawn back into the globe below.
  10. Gently rock the top glass chamber and remove. Placing it to stand inside the cap turned upside down.
  11. Pour and enjoy!

Clean-up & filter Care
After allowed to cool hold top glass bulb under running water, and give it a vigorous shake to release the coffee from the bottom and filter. Rinse it free of grounds, and clean out the chamber. Pull the filter chain to unset the hook.
Rinse the filter thoroughly under running hot water.
We recommend boiling the filter in a pot of water every few weeks to keep it clean.

Moka pot Brew -

Using a Bialeti 4 cup:

Start by preheating the water. Bring your kettle to a boil and remove from heat.

  1. Grind out 16-18 gr of coffee about as fine as salt or as for a shot of espresso.
  2. Fill the bottom half of your moka pot with hot water up to the level of the indicated maximum line inside.
  3. Place the filter basket inside the bottom component.
  4. Add your ground coffee and give it a careful shake to settle the coffee.

Use your index finger to briskly swipe across from left to right in a motion of 12 to 6 o clock, to level the grounds.

  1. Screw on the spouted top, don’t over tighten and place on stove or over heat source on a medium heat. (careful the bottom chamber gets hot)
  2. When the water in the bottom chamber approaches a boil the pressure will push a stream through the upper chamber. Don’t let the water explode upward, neither a trickle. Make sure it is received in a gentle stream by adjusting the heat accordingly.
  3. Careful when pouring, moka pots tend to become very hot.

You may wish to dilute with hot water depending on preference.

French Press Brew -

Using a 4 cup press:

Start with warming up your empty Press by rinsing it with very hot water. 

  1. Boil up 400gr of water for your press
  2. While you wait measure and grind out your coffee. A course even grind is good. We recommend starting with 1:10 coffee to water ratio example: 40gr of coffee to 400gr water.
  3. Discard the hot water from the press and add your coffee into the empty press. Start your timer as soon as you add hot water. Fill the press halfway up by saturating the grounds. Give your coffee a gentle stir and let it bloom for 30sec.
  4. Add the rest of your water and place the lid on. DO NOT PLUNGE YET!
  5. Let it steep until 4 min is reached, FOUR! , Not 5 or 3…
  6. Now plunge pressing the filter firmly down all the way. You will need the right pressure, if the coffee grounds are too fine it will sludge downwards, if the coffee is too course it will fly down. Adjust settings for future use.
  7. Serve or decant it immediately to avoid over extraction, and bitterness.

Cleaning simply by adding a little hot water to the grounds, give it a good swirl, and empty into the garden, trash or compost heap.

Pour Over Brew -

Using a 2 cup mellita ceramic:

Start by bringing water to the boil, twice as much water as you will need, 600-700ml is recommended.

  1. Weigh out 30gr of coffee. Grind your beans to a coarseness of crushed black pepper.
  2. Fold a melitta filter paper down the scalloped edges, and place in the ceramic dripper. Place the ceramics dripper over your cup or pitcher.
  3. Pour a little hot water over the filter and ceramic, make sure to discard the hot water in the pitcher before brewing.
  4. Add the ground coffee to the filter, give it a gentle shake and zero out your scale.
  5. Start your timer once you add hot water. Saturate the grounds by pouring twice the amount of water over the amount of grounds, starting at the bed’s centre. For example 50gr of water if you have 25gr of coffee.
  6. You will notice the coffee expands or “blooms”, allow this to continue for around 35sec.
  7. Continue pouring – gently and delicately into the centre of the grounds. You pouring rate should be of such that it takes around 2-3min to fill the ceramic and pitcher with 350gr of water.
  8. Remove the ceramic and place into the sink.
    Serve and enjoy!

Clean by removing and discarding of the filter paper and grounds, simply rinse out the ceramic with hot water as well as the pitcher after use.