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Sourcing ,Roasting and Blending

Earthen customers expect us to conduct our business responsibly. While enjoying their favorite Earthen coffee beverage, they want to know that we paid the farmers a fair price for the beans; that the coffee was grown in an ecologically sound manner; and that we invested something meaningful in the farming communities where our coffees are produced.
These, too, are our expectations and we strive to meet them on all fronts. Applying the highest standards to the purchasing of our coffee. It signals the enormous emphasis we place on quality, and calls upon us to embrace a socially, economically and environmentally responsible approach to sourcing the finest coffees in the world.

For us processing and making coffee is not a job, it is a way of living, of doing what we really like. We work respecting nature and by being aware of what goes into the brew. Respect the best way to make coffee good for the Earth, for the people who grow, pick, process and sell it, as well as for our customers.

In the footstep of pioneers our pursuit to perfection endures with the installation of drum roasters. It has continued with our insistence on using the best beans to roast our coffee. Freshly roasted by perfectionists with the finishing touch of quality packaging adds further characteristic to Earthen’s fine taste.
At Earthen Roastery we balance the thirst for innovation with our long years of experience to craft perfectly balanced coffees.
We have an expression:

When a humble coffee bean hits the drum of our roaster named "Kairos"' the alchemy begins.
Earthen turns these little seeds called coffee beans into real 'sweet smelling' treasure chests filled with aromatic flavourful oils, by using a finely honed - and even scientific - approach, and out-the-box mindset to craft those nuances, that complexity, the smoothness and balance that a great cup requires.

Our roaster both man and machine together, like a skilled painter or a professional dancer, respond to a number of factors and respond intuitively, drawing from the knowledge of the bean and its potential.
As each bean is individual in size, density and need, so does the roaster bring out the intended traits and qualities desired for each blend.

Coffee is such an astonishingly dynamic and complex beverage that attaining excellence on a consistent basis requires constant attention to detail and relentless quality control. It is possibly the most complex chemically existing beverage around, and to control and understand it in depth, we are committed to further study and to ongoing evaluation.

For this reason we put in the hours with staff that is dedicated specifically to quality investigation and analysis, using 'state of the art' measuring tracking equipment to optimize each batch to its full potential. 

Much like the painter combines colours so does Earthen create blends that combine unique flavours and characteristics, as together they bring life to new exciting flavours. The end result is a complex complete cup with depth that still matures over time. 
Every bag is 'roast dated', batch numbered and double checked before it leaves the factory - and receives a valve to help vent as de-gassing naturally occurs.
Our coffees are roasted to order and shipped fresh !