May 2022 be a year of great things ! Our Factory Store is open with fresh roasted coffee available instore and online !

Bulk 5Kg Blend Coffee Box


We offer you the opportunity to enjoy a freshly roasted batch of 100% Arabica Beans.

Delivered Free Nationwide to all major city centers and at a 10% discount on the listed retail price.

Chose your selection beans or ground of our blend pre-selected combination box and experience a world of flavors with us. 

5 x 1kg Coffee Blends Variant 
Included: Houseblend, Revere Blend, Filter Blend, Mesa Blend, Central Blend


Thanking you for sharing in the love of hand-roasted artisanal coffee.

PLEASE NOTE : We now also offer a FURTHER BUY BULK online and save option -
Make up your own box by choosing any 5kg or more of your choice of 1kg coffee's listed and receive an automatic 10% discount at checkout with FREE delivery.