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Custom Coffee Solutions

Earthen has partnered with numerous manufactures of quality coffee machines in the bean to cup and espresso market. Coffee queen filter extraction machines are also available. We facilitate the supply of the above and offer in-house demonstrations in our showroom at Earthen Roasters situated in Centurion.
We offer cleaning materials and all consumables for Jura & espresso machines.
Our clients benefit from technical information and machinery support.
Our direct services include contacting our clients to ensure the best extraction and enjoyment of their coffee experience.
Please contact us for flexible machine coffee options available.

Mini Coffee stations – Corporate in-house coffee solutions

It’s the coffeehouse experience – a third place between work and home – that connects customers to coffee in an inviting, enriching environment that is comfortable and accessible. We call it the Earthen Experience.

From the beginning, we have upheld our principle of developing enthusiastically satisfied customers by assuming that everything matters, especially the quality of our coffee and customer service.

After every visit, our customers depart with a memory of their experience. Our most loyal customers visit Earthen 18 times a month on average. Our success depends on consistently providing customers the optimal Earthen Experience every time they visit.

Earthen has strong values and act responsibly, we want our customers to know what Earthen stands for and to hold us accountable should our actions appear out of line with our Guiding Principles.

  • With a focus on sustainability we use only biodegradable and/or compostable cups, straws and consumables.

  • We supply our “used” ground coffee to individuals to use for composting in their gardens.

  • We strive to be a paperless operational company.