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Coffee Destoner

Protect your valuable equipment and enjoy Earthen destoned pure speciality arabica coffee.

At Earthen is an old bowl with a collection of rocks, nails, earrings and bits of wood extracted from our destoned coffee when collected from drying tables across the earth. Even though the green coffee that we receive has undergone many quality checks occasionally impurities find their way in the coffee.

It is of paramount importance for us to remove external impurities and aid to the avoidance of expensive harm to your grinding machines whilst maintaining the rank of our coffee.
When visiting Earthen our destoner hums in the background confirming extraction of even the tiniest of stones and heavy particles from our drum roasted coffee. Quality, credibility and customer satisfaction is hereby delivered to you.

A coffee destoner - what is it ?

It performs on the concept that some items have specific gravity that are lower than others. Our destoner is equipped with an adjustable large volume fan creating a vacuum tunnel separating the roasted coffee beans from foreign particles. When the roasted coffee leaves the cooling bin on completion of the roasting process, we run the coffee beans through our destoner to remove particles that may have been sent to us with the green coffee beans. One way to think of it is as a capable adjustable vacuum cleaner creating a vacuum tunnel in a silo. The coffee that is lighter floats up in a silo and any heavier matter than the coffee will drop into the destoner’s catch box below resulting in pure destoned coffee free from any debris.

Peace of mind is integrated to extraordinary quality control.

Frederick Hartsuiker -


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